Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Associated Press writers lies.

Being active in politics is a right every American should exercise. People complain about the way things are going with our Country, yet don't make an effort to research the candidates, get involved and vote. I like to classify these types as the "Fat, Dumb and Happy" voters who get their information from the TV or some reporter attempting to make the news vs, report on it. My past has been involved in many political campaigns serving in roles on both a paid and volunteer status. I most recently served on a very high profile campaign as a volunteer. As an activist, I have had many confrontations with opponents camps as well as the "news reporter" trying to make a name for himself. For the most part, this doesn't bother me until the someone crosses the line and involves my personal life (family, friends, business interest). Recently, a story was published by Jeff Horowitz of the Associated Press. He has a right to publish anything he wants as long as it is factual and he uses ethical means to solidify his writing. So, where does Jeff Horowitz cross the line? Where Jeff went wrong was calling my office looking for me to get a statement on a meme's that I have shared well over a year ago on social media (the Meme's were public domain that came from a FB page of parody). When he was transferred to my voice mail, he called back and demanded to one of my employees to give him my cell number. My employees followed corporate policy and transferred him back to my office line which in turn went to my voice mail. He called back again and said if he didn't speak to me, he was going to publish an unfavorable story. Problem being, I was not in the office at 4PM on that Friday, but on a plane flying back to Florida from a business trip. He later messaged me on FB (which I usually don't check the "spam" folder as we are not connected) basically stating something to be fact when he admitted to my employee was something he was told. He later went on to reach out to family members asking to have me call him. This guy is a loser and continued to stalk me in different methods. Additionally, he needs to get his facts before opening mouth and inserting foot. See, Jeff stated that I was in fact paid staff, yet there are no records to confirm (he even confirmed this) that and in fact I was a volunteer. Jeff, some of us feel it is our civic duty to volunteer to help change the garbage in DC that your garbage writing continues to support and we are not all in for a pay check unlike you. Plus, I don't need the money, I sign my employees front of the checks unlike you signing your employers check on the back. Your claim that I am a racist are proof of your lack of integrity by writing something untrue as those that personally know me will dispute your claim. Also Jeff, unlike you, I care about America, our veterans and all legal American citizens. When you look at the trend of his stories (fictional stories best describe his writings), you will see he has an agenda. There is a trend, maybe because he will be exposed as a fraud writer or maybe because he has incentives from other sources to write negative stories on their opposition. The fact that anyone publishes and reads his crap says a lot about the out of touch voters we have. My message to the voters of America, beware of story writers trying to make a name for themselves and Jeff Horowitz of the Associated Press is one of them. Make an educated decision in November and don't get caught up in the lies and story telling of individuals with an agenda.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Government has failed the people of France, as Washington has failed America

The events in Paris yesterday were not a failure of human events but a complete failure on government policies. These are the same policies that are modeled off of and are encouraging a unified entity known as the New World Order. I don’t believe in conspiracies, but do follow the thinking of the socialist left that intends on making people dependent on government and not on their own capabilities. The fact are evident with governments attempting to reshape the faces of the Middle East into a “more acceptable” form of governing by giving people “freedoms” to choose their leadership. What is being forgotten is the fact that the Middle East is dominated with Islam, a culture of violence and control. For tens of thousands of years, true democracies have not existed in any Middle Eastern country and never will as long as Islam is the influencing factor. Our elected leaders in this country have failed to secure our borders and protect our people. Just hours before the devastating Islamic attacks in Paris, our President made claim that ISIS was under control. He has made more claims in the past that have all been proven to be false. We as Americans demand better and I expect our President to perform better, regretfully his arrogance as well as corrupt administration continues to spin and cover up facts. The American People now demand, no refuges from the Middle East, secure our borders now and do what we pay you for, serve the best interest of America and not your socialist agenda fueled by corrupt appointees for self-gain.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Time to rebuild America

It has been quite some time since I last posted. Over the past years, I have been aggressively starting building and branding a new business (along with great business partners). Also, I have finished grad school and getting ready to continue onto an advanced degree (yes at my old age). The past six and half years has been horrific to America because of the lack of a leader in the White House, broken promises by both sides of the Capital and a leadership from the Republican that was more concerned about going to social event rather than controlling spending and our liberties. Today,we live in a country of desperation, despair and dangerous.We continue to export jobs to foreign interest, have serious issues with both China and Russia, increasing threats from Islamic extremest, people unemployed or under employed and so on. To touch on the threat from radical Islam, Nazi Germany at the height of Nazi control, approx 5% of people in Germany were in the Nazi Party in a country of approx 69 million people. The Nazi's almost took over Europe and had their eyes set on the US. Today, the threat comes from the East, not Russia or China, but Islam. today, we have approx 1.57 billion Muslims in the world. Approx 7- 10% are identified as radical. The same radicals that want to kill infidels (you and I) and convert the earth to only Islam. So, if you do the math, so 3.45 million people in Germany almost controlled all of Europe. And depending on what formula you use for Islam, between 100 to 250 million radicals in their religion that want to take over the earth, can you see a problem? Today the difference is, we fought the Nazis and what they stood for in the early 1940 and we knew who they were. Today under the leftist controlling the US as well as most of Europe, we are suppose to be tolerate of our enemies. Think about it,because in several years, we might not be able to.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Manatee County School Board needs to clean house

Being a business owner, I am held to a budget that is based on revenue. Government should be no different; however the opposite appears evident with some in leadership roles. Manatee County School District is seeing their revenue streams shrink, yet many in administration blame Tallahassee because of loose accounting and mismanaged finances.
Our revenue problems are an output of bad spending habits that started under Dr. Roger Dearing. Then Director of Finance, Tim McGonagall was in charge of how our Districts monies were used. There have been questions in independent audits about the use of sales tax in addition to other gray areas.
Our District spends more time in litigation that on task of providing education to special needs. The numbers of dollars spent on legal fees is amazing and to only end up losing the cases. It seems as if every parent trying to get services for their children are challenged by an incompetent ESE leadership team.
As parent and tax payers, I demand better as does many in the district. It is time that Superintendent McGonagall, Attorney John Bowen and ESE Director Ron Russell step down for the better of the community.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Learn from Texas

With current economic downturns, America needs to find ways to create jobs and now, not in years to come. The impact is felt in states from coast to coast, but none harder than here in Florida.
Unemployment rates average in Florida well over 12%, and some claim it is as high as 20% in certain areas. These numbers are easy to validate, just stop by a local food pantry or church aide location. There are line out the door and around the corner. Locally, Metropolitian Ministries has seen a major increase in participation and a slow down in donations.
Florida's 45th Governor, Rick Scott has proposed a solution to jump start the economy of the state. He had an aggressive plan to reduce corporate tax liability, thus attracting more outside investments. Additionally, he wants to deregulate many areas of business to make it easier to start, expand and grow small businesses. This is the key to success and I will explain why.
Texas is pro-business with reasonable regulations. The state has been ranked #1 over the past three years by corporate leaders because of this and other factors. Additionally, Texas alone is the 12th largest economy in the world. Why is this, because they thrive and not just survive. The state of Texas also shares some of the better public schools systems in the US.
Texas has added approximatly 70% of all new jobs created in the US within their states lines.Do we see a trend? Deregulation works!
Governor Rick Scott is a true proponent of this and will guide the state of Florida through these hard economic times and help rebuild this great state.